For one thing, we wouldn’t have urban communities at all if not for drink in light of the fact that a drink is the base of all progress. As a city, Chandigarh has a cool nightlife and there are an enormous number of Bars over here. These Bars in the city go from exemplary rock kind of vibe to completely chic and energetic bars. You can find bars in most of the corners of Chandigarh, as the nightlife of the city is pretty vibrant and amazing.
Let’s have a look at some of the best bars in Chandigarh.

1. WHISKY 111:
Making a significant flutter in the alcohol authority circles, Whisky 111 is a well-suited place to relish some uncommon Scotches, Single Malts and different labels sourced from everywhere throughout the globe. This is a very good looking bar and it is an ideal option to visit if you are with your friends.

Peddlers at Hotel Heritage know how to pull in the people. DJs playing boisterous foot-tapping music, engaging the youthful crowd who are in the state of mind to loosen up and hoping to have a fabulous time, theme nights and long Happy Hours with a get one-get one offer, aside from Fridays when the place close down at 10pm. Wednesdays and Karaoke Nights, Thursdays are for Open Mic Nights and on Fridays different celeb vocalists from Chandigarh entertain the crowd out there.

Chic and upscale, the lounge guarantees unlimited fun. There are comfortable couches and dance area for the individuals who adore displaying their celebrating spirits. Entirely on couple entry, the place is filled on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The music here is Bollywood, other than Punjabi coming as an unexpected component. With a variety of mixed drinks and mocktails, it can end up being a reviving trip.

Nothing approaches the flawlessness of this naturally blended, shimmering, foamy lager on a hot summer day. The washed-down dividers and wooden seats here are a flawless fit to the natural mood of a microbrewery regardless of the possibility that the House and the music is not all that country. This is the main microbrewery in the Tricity, where a lot of inconvenience has been experienced to assemble a predominant item. The barley for the lager is foreign made from Australia, the yeast is French and the hops are German.

Shiny new at the season of going to press, it will interest to perceive how this one works out. As of now, however there is the main microbrewery in the Tricity only a couple of entryways away, Ooze as of now has its own personality and will probably draw in its own particular customer base. The brews on offer here are Weiss, Ale and Stout. Pilsner will be offered every now and then and also something many refer to as kolsch. The snacks are predominantly of the western kind: nachos, singed chicken and cheddar toasts.

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